Our college will be a world leader in the integration of
* To uplift standard of teaching, learning and research.
* To become national epicentre of knowledge, culture and skills.
* To develop scientific approach and performance culture among Teachers Trainees.
* To act as catalyst of change by providing state of Art Infrastructure in academic and Co-curricular excellence, learning and evaluation, interaction with stake holders and community.
* To continue expanding and exploring locally, nationally and globally.


* To provide a wide range of instructional, teaching, learning and research facilities.
* To promote innovation in teaching learning evaluation and research.
* To create ignited pool of humane teachers.
* To participate in problems and concerns of society.
* To inculcate moral and spiritual values for growth of healthy, peaceful and gender just society.
* To prepare and equip the teacher trainees with necessary virtues skills for facing the challenges of life.
* To promote all round development of teacher trainees.